There are lots of dodgy IT companies out there – small and large.  They have unqualified staff with little training experience – and often with foreign / offshored and outsourced resources.

Solvent Green has over 27 years of experience cleaning up the IT messes these companies create for their customers – and then providing an on-going IT solution to grow your business.

We customize what we do to fit your needs, not the other way around.

Our future is based on keeping our customers happy – and our history proves our commitment to that goal.  We will ensure that we take ownership of your requirements and meet them.

I.T. is very hard and very complex.  And it is full of overseas (mostly American) software and hardware vendors who are constantly releasing new products and updates that are poorly tested and full of bugs and they don’t care too much about customers in Australia.

Solvent Green IT Solutions specializes in getting all the parts of your IT Solution working together – and we are experts at it. 

Building a new IT Solution has been compared to building a house.  Wrong !.  Its actually FAR harder and more complex.  For example, The pieces keep changing – often whilst the ‘house’ is being built !.  Often the pieces haven’t been used together before !!  Things that should just work out of the box… don’t !!!!

Solvent Green has a proven track record of both building new ‘houses’ and fixing badly built ‘houses’ built by dodgy builders (IT Solutions built by the dodgy IT companies) as well as building your ‘house’ from scratch (getting complex IT solutions to work and work well for your business).

The first step in fixing your IT so it works for you is our IT Review and Audit.

But before you see our services and price list we need to tell you that we operate a little differently to all of those other IT companies – and we need you to understand how we are different and why that is – and how that will save you time and money.



We enjoy solving IT problems.  We particularly enjoy solving the problems that other IT companies have either created and/or couldn’t solve.  That’s our specialty !

Most IT problems are complex – involving many different pieces of technology from many different hardware, software and services providers.

This is where most other companies fall down – they just don’t have the breadth of experience to be able to solve these problems – or to maintain your IT Solutions to minimize the threat of future failures.

Rather than solving problems when the occur we prevent them happening the first place.  This is the goal of our IT review process when you first become a customer.  This allows us to set your IT up for success from the start and minimize the risk of future problems.

We are the ‘Solvent’ to clean up the mess of your IT Solutions i.e. the problems left by the dodgy guys in the IT Industry

We have over 25 years experience in both implementing and fixing IT Solutions and can recommend the best IT solutions for your business.

Our Principal consultant Michael Green spends much of his time taking over failed or failing IT Projects from other IT Companies and successfully getting them working for our new customers.

He has a proven track record of remediating IT Projects and getting them ‘over the line’ for such high profile organisations as :

  • MasterCard
  • RP Data CoreLogic
  • Austrac
  • Services NSW
  • ASIC
  • Telstra International
  • APRA
  • Revenue NSW

This huge experience with getting complex IT Solutions working translates very well to Small to Medium business market as these days most of the technologies used are actually the same !

We will solve your IT problems.  That’s what we do !.

We guarantee we will be cheaper than all of a our ‘real’ competitors – BUT more expensive than the dodgy geeks

“You get what you pay for” is an ultimate truth in IT.

We are not the cheapest.  But if you want to pay for the cheapest IT guys we are happy to let you try them as a customer – and when they screw up your IT systems and your business we will come back in and solve the problems for you.  We have had many customers who first went with the other cheaper company and then came to us for help when that didn’t work out.

Our door is always open !.

However whilst we are not the cheapest we also are NOT the most expensive either

Due to our unique business model of supplementing our consultants with corporate quality IT people ‘after hours’ we are able to offer significant cost savings to you.

So we won’t guarantee to be the cheapest – but we do guarantee to be cheaper that our ‘real’ competitors.

Here is one just as an example of a competitor’s rates:


We use the best IT people from the corporate world who work after hours and weekends and in their spare time to make extra money

Our unique business and support model uses corporate quality IT people ‘after hours’ to supplement our full time team – which means we are able to offer significant cost savings to you.

As part of our project work of fixing failing IT Projects in the corporate world we work with a large number of very qualified IT people in all areas – PCs, Networking, Servers, Security, Email, Web, Software Development etc etc

These are incredibly qualified and experienced people – and many of them are interested in making a bit of extra money nights, weekends, spare time, holidays etc.

And whilst the companies they work for would normally charge them out to you at $200-$500 per hour these people would normally only see a third of those $$$. So these people are quite happy to work for the same money as they normally get – and often less.

So we have a huge pool of ‘on call’ IT people we can call upon night and day to solve your IT problems – and at rates that are often 30%-50% of what you would normally pay from these other IT companies.

We use these people to supplement our ‘business hours’ full time consultants.

This also means we can get to your work quicker – as you don’t have to wait for one of our full time consultants to become available.

We charge for our time – ALWAYS

Solvent Green charges for our time – in 15 minute increments.  Its as simple as that.

We charge different rates for different services.

We always charge for our time.

We don’t take a huge margin or kick-backs on Software or Hardware we supply to you.

We charge different rates for different services

Solvent Green charges for our time – in 15 minute increments.  Its as simple as that.

We charge different rates for different services.

We always charge for our time.

We don’t take a huge margin or kick-backs on Software or Hardware we supply to you.

Urgent requests always cost more

It seems obvious but we have many customers who regard everything as urgent and need this clarified.  If you need something done urgently – especially during business hours – we will normally charge you extra for it.

We ask all customers to log their issues through our easy online Jira Service Desk portal and set the priority / urgency when you do.

If its not urgent we will try to do the work for you as cheaply as possible – so its important you think about how urgent it really is.

For example, if it can wait till after business hours we can often do it much cheaper because we have more people available ‘on call’.

We don’t make money from hardware or software – unlike other IT companies – We don’t add a margin to any hardware of software we supply

We don’t make a 30 or 50% margin on things we supply you – unlike other IT companies.

We add a 10% management fee to any and all hardware, software and services we on-bill to you – and that just to cover our costs.

We don’t take kick-backs or bonuses from vendors.

You see what items cost us on your invoice !

We prefer to support you remotely to save you money – an onsite call will always cost you more money

If we have to come onsite to you to solve a problem we have to charge our minimum call out fee plus travel time – often for what may be a 5 minute problem to fix !

This makes no sense – but a lot of other IT geeks will do exactly that and charge you for it $$$$.

So when you become our customer our 2nd priority – after your IT review – is to set you up for remote support.

This allows us to charge you in 15 minute increments – instead of 2 hours !

It also means you get your issue solved MUCH QUICKER – as you don’t have to wait for a consultant to firstly be available and then to schedule to come on-site.

Additionally this also means that we can fix your problems after hours and on weekends – which means your business day isn’t interrupted and we can use all of our ‘on call’ people to solve your problem.

So it becomes cheaper and more efficient for you.

We only provide warranty on our own services. 

We only provide warranty that our work will be of good quality and ‘best practice’.  If something breaks or is faulty we will charge for our time.

We don’t provide ANY warranty on any other vendor’s hardware or software or services – we will charge you per hour to solve problems

We don’t provide any warranty on any hardware or software or other companies services that we might on-bill to you.  If there are problems with another companies products e.g. bugs or failures– we will charge for our time to fix that as well.

Why do we do this ?  I.T. is very hard and complex.  Its full of other companies who are constantly changing and upgrading their products – and often not fully testing them when they do. 

Other IT companies often ADD 40% TO THEIR QUOTES just for the risk of this.

We don’t.  We add a 10% management fee to any and all hardware, software and services we on-bill to you – and that just to cover our costs.

We will then charge you for all time taken to fix issues, bugs, one company’s product not working with another company’s product etc etc.

We are hardware and software agnostic.  We don’t care if its Microsoft, Apple or Android…We will recommend the best solution for you

We are not tied to any one vendor.  We don’t take kick-backs like other IT companies.  We work with all technologies.

Our only guarantee is that we will recommend the best IT Solutions and technologies for you – and make them work for you.

We welcome customers buying their own hardware or software if you can get it cheaper.  We just ask you consult us prior to purchase to see if its the best solution

We don’t mind if customers purchase their own hardware and software – we will make it work for you or die trying !

And in some cases customers can get better deals than us – e.g. JB Hi-fi and Harvey Norman get such good deals from our wholesalers on laptops and their margins are so thin that they can sell them cheaper retail than we can get them wholesale !

All we ask is that customers consult us to see if it’s the best solution.  Often we spend a lot of time – and customer’s money – trying to get cheaper or poor quality hardware or software working.

But we are happy to charge you for this time as well J.